iphone 6

iphone 6

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

Apple's annual merry-go-round of rumours and speculation seems to start earlier and earlier every generation. Rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 fired up before the iPhone 5S had even been officially announced in September 2013 so that now, even though we are months away, we already have a boatload of information regarding what the successor model might be like.

Emphasis on the might, of course, because as always Apple is wrapped up tighter than a ridiculously tightly wrapped thing, so until it lets the cat out of the bag we can't know anything for sure.

As with previous models, a big chunk of the rumour pie rather optimistically focuses on the idea the iPhone 6 will be bigger than its predecessors, with a larger display.

Apple’s two big changes with the last generation of hardware and software included the 64-bit A7 chipset and the major overhaul of its iOS platform as iOS 7, with a completely new interface and many new features. After these major upheavals, Apple’s expected to settle down into predictable territory again with iOS 8 and an A8 chip which should see improvements, but are not likely to be such major milestones.

Aside from this, there's talk of camera enhancements, solar power, mobile payments, styluses and liquid metal, amongst many other things.

One report from Chinese newspaper Commercial Times reckons Apple will shift upwards of 90 million iPhone 6 units worldwide. If that’s true Foxconn have some serious work to do as it’ll be the biggest iPhone launch of all time.

It all depends when the handset is released though, if it makes its way into pockets by July it will have half a year to sell those 90 million. Then again if it doesn’t come until September, traditionally the time of year Apple unveil them, it will have to sell 90 million in three months.

If any company could do it, Apple can. But that all depends on what it pulls out of the bag – so to read all the latest gossip on the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air as some have taken to calling it, scroll on down.